Climate Governance matters

Climate change affects people and societies around the world and at all levels, exacerbating environmental variability and degradation and putting additional pressure on space and quality of housing and food production. New demands for energy resulting from a growing world population and the aspiration of many lower- and middle-income countries to develop will need to be satisfied, while reliance on carbon-intensive fuels will need to decrease dramatically. Yet the current arrangements for delivering the required global responses to the challenges posed by climate change are slow, ineffective, and inaccessible.

This website is the main portal for a three year research programme investigating power, equity and accountability challenges in global climate governance and their impact on efforts to ensure progress on poverty alleviation, public health and the management of population dynamics.

Content will be updated regularly and over the life-time of the project the site will offer access to an increasing range of publications, information about the global organisations under investigation and other resources. In addition, there is a regularly updated blog to highlight issues for debate and facilitate discussion by the wider community of research and practice.