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Power, Equity and Accountability in Global Climate Change
c/o One World Trust
109-111 Farringdon Road
London EC1R 3BW, UK
Tel: +44(0) 20 7723 6790

Our team

Susannah Mayhew

Susannah Mayhew, PhD, is the Principal Investigator of the project and a Senior Lecturer in Reproductive Health and Policy, based at the Population Studies Department of the LSHTM since 2001. Prior to that she worked at the LSHTM Health Policy Unit, and the Nuffield Institute for Health (University of Leeds). Research interests are health policy and systems in developing countries, population, sexual and reproductive health.

+44(0) 20 7299 4672

Michael Hammer

Michael Hammer has been the Executive Director of the One World Trust since July 2006. Before joining the Trust Michael worked for Amnesty International, Conciliation Resources and Institut Raum & Energie. Michael also leads the Trust’s work on parliamentary oversight of international affairs, global democracy, and accountability in policy making.

+44(0) 20 7713 6792

Alice Obrecht

Alice is a researcher for the One World Trust, working on global climate change governance and NGO accountability and self-regulation. She holds a PhD in Philosophy from the London School of Economics.

+44(0) 20 7713 6790

Sara van Belle

Sara Van Belle is a political scientist and an anthropologist. Prior to joining the project Sara worked as Programme Manager for Africa and Latin America at Marie Stopes International, M&E Officer with UNFPA in Senegal, and with Belgian development agency ITM. Sara is also currently engaged in a PhD at LSHTM on global non-state actor involvement in district decision-making processes in sexual and reproductive health.