Republic of Ghana: Tackling Poverty in Northern Ghana

application/pdf iconRepublic of Ghana: Tackling Poverty in Northern Ghana

Dessus, S├ębastien; Jackson, Chris; Charles, Ackah; Gamil Boutros, Iris; Goldstein, Markus; Medvedev, Denis; Norton, Andrew; Simler, Kenneth; Steel, William; Subbaro, Kalandi; Wodon, Quentin, 2011

‘Twenty years of rapid economic development in Ghana has done little, if anything, to reduce the historical North, South divide in standards of living. While rural development and urbanization have led to significant poverty reduction in the South, similar dynamics have been largely absent from Northern Ghana […] Tackling poverty in Northern Ghana will call for interventions that go beyond spatially blind policies and are well targeted within Northern Ghana with a view to supporting livelihood opportunities and reducing vulnerability to the various climatic, economic and political shocks that plague these regions. This report suggests a number of potential avenues to tackle poverty in Northern Ghana.’

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