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Agreement for Mutual Enforcement of Debarment Decisions African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the European Investment Bank, International Monetary Fund, Inter-American Development Bank, and the World Bank Group Tue, 2012-02-28 Multi- and bilateral agreements
Climate Governance and Development Ansohn, Albrecht; Pleskovic, Boris Fri, 2010-01-01 Reports
Achieving food security in the face of climate change Beddington, Professor Sir John, et. al. Wed, 2011-11-16 Reports
Special Session of the Council for Trade in Services: Report by the Chairman to the Trade Negotiations Committee Chairman to the Trade Negotiations Committee Mon, 2005-11-28 Reports
Trade Policy Review: Ghana - Concluding Remarks by the Chairperson Chairperson, Ghana Trade Policy Review Mon, 2008-01-28 Briefings
Governance Framework for the Clean Technology Fund Climate Investment Funds Sat, 2008-11-01 Policy
Governance Framework for the Clean Technology Fund Climate Investment Funds Sat, 2008-11-01 Policy
Letter to Government departments on opening up data David Cameron, Prime Minister Mon, 2010-05-31 Operational Guidelines
Republic of Ghana: Tackling Poverty in Northern Ghana Dessus, Sébastien; Jackson, Chris; Charles, Ackah; Gamil Boutros, Iris; Goldstein, Markus; Medvedev, Denis; Norton, Andrew; Simler, Kenneth; Steel, William; Subbaro, Kalandi; Wodon, Quentin Tue, 2011-03-01 Reports
Global Public Goods: A Framework for the role of the World Bank Development Committee Fri, 2007-09-28 Reports
Development and Climate Change: A Strategic Framework for the World Bank Group Development Committee Tue, 2008-09-30 Policy
Clean Energy for Development Investment Framework: the World Bank Action Plan Development Committee Wed, 2007-03-28 Policy
Ghana: Sector Reform and the Pattern of the Poor - Energy Use and Supply Edjekumhene, Ishmael; Amaka-Otchere, Akosua B.K.; Amissah-Arthur, Harriette Wed, 2006-03-01 Reports
The World Bank Group Environment Strategy: Concept Note Environment Department, Sustainable Development Network Wed, 2009-08-05 Policy
Mapping hotspots of climate change and food insecurity in the global tropics Ericksen, Polly, Philip Thornton, An Notenbaert, Laura Cramer, Peter Jones and Mario Herrero Wed, 2011-07-27 Reports
Resource scarcity, climate change and the risk of violent conflict Evans, Alex Thu, 2010-09-09 Reports
Guidelines for arrangements on relations with Non-Governmental Organizations General Council of the World Trade Organization Tue, 1996-07-23 Operational Guidelines
Trade Policy Review Ghana Mon, 2007-01-01 Briefings
Independent Evaluation in DFID: Annual Report 2009 Head of Evaluation, Department for International Development Thu, 2009-01-01 Reports
Mapping vulnerability to climate change Heltberg, Rasmus; Bonch-Osmolovskiy, Misha Sat, 2011-01-01 Reports
World Health Organization: UK Institutional Strategy 2008–13 HM Government Sun, 2009-02-01 Policy
The Effectiveness of Engagement with the World Bank Independent Commission for Aid Impact Thu, 2012-03-01 Reports
Phase II: The Challenge of Low-Carbon Development: Climate Change and the World Bank Group Independent Evaluation Group Fri, 2010-01-01 Reports
About International Aid Transparency Initiative International Aid Transparency Initiative Thu, 2011-12-01 Briefings
Draft role and responsibilities of the Adaptation Fund Trustee International Bank for Reconstruction and Development Thu, 2008-05-22 Operational Guidelines
Development and Climate Change: Stepping up Support for Developing Countries: Report on Progress by the World Bank Group International Bank for Reconstruction and Development Tue, 2010-06-01 Policy
IBRD Articles of Agreement International Bank for Reconstruction and Development Thu, 1989-02-16 Multi- and bilateral agreements
IBRD Results: Multiple Solutions to Address the Climate Change Challenge International Bank for Reconstruction and Development Mon, 2010-03-01 Briefings
Private Health Sector Assessment in Ghana Makinen, Marty; Sealy, Stephanie; Bitrán, Ricardo A.; Adjei, Sam; Muñoz, Rodrigo Tue, 2011-03-22 Reports
Eliminating World Poverty: Making Governance Work for the Poor Masterman, Catherine, Jas Malhi, Jonathan Hargreaves, Kathryn Casson, Michael Howells, Moazzam Malik (Team Leader), Richard Montgomery, Sarah MacGregor, Sarah Saxton, Tony Burdon and Veema Shah Sat, 2006-07-01 Policy